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Montgomery County Milling Co
101 South Bell Street, Willis, Texas 77378

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Catfish Love It!  You Will Too!Stick! It ..the testing stage is complete and the new bait is now on the market in some areas. We on Lake Conroe are fortunate to be one of the first places to be able to purchase this fabulous new “Punch Bait”.  The bait has been tested by professional fishing guides in many different situations when fishing for catfish.  This bait passed the test in every single situation. It was tested in many different water depths and under varying conditions.  Here in Texas we experience extreme changes in weather and Stick!It held up in both cool conditions and in our Texas heat. We invite you to try this new bait and see the results for yourself. It is as simple as taking a “Stick” and punching your treble hook down in the bait and removing it slowly.  You can now vertical fish the bait or cast it and not have it come off of the hook. If you miss a fish, you can wait for the fish to come back a second time to “lick the plate” and still have enough bait to catch the peskey critter.  You will love this bait!  The bait is available at Montgomery County Milling Co in Willis, Texas.

Montgomery County Milling Co is a full line feed and farm supply store serving Montgomery County since 1964.  Livestock feed for  horses, cattle, sheep and goats, poultry and wild game.  Of course lots of “range cubes” for the catfish fishermen’s chum. We also have seed for all your planting needs along with lawn and garden seeds and other related products.  We carry bedding plants in season. Complete line of chemicals and pesticides for the farm and home. Grass seeds for lawn and pasture. Hay in season and other times on request.

We also carry lots of “chicken scratch” that many catfish fishermen sour and use as chum for catfish, bream and even will use to concentrate shad in an area to hold white bass certain times of the year. We carry several types of Magic Bait Company’s baits includeing the

“LOVE” fish attractant. Why “Love”? Because Fish Love It! “Love” is a specially designed combination of Menhaden Oil and other fish attracting oils. Many of the guides use “Love” in their dip, punch and cut bait when fishing for catfish. Only a small amount is required and it is most effective when mixed thoroughly in the container with whatever bait you are using. If you use Stick!It or Premo , a little “LOVE” makes the fish gather faster to your chum. Catfish  look for their food mostly by using their scent glands. Many fishermen that use cut-bait will put their bait in a small pan and soak it in “LOVE”. In cold weather many punch baits and dip baits become hard and difficult to keep on the hook. Using “Love” will not only add to the desire fo the fish to feed, it will make it easier for you to use. Try it  - you will like it! Catch more and bigger fish!

Magic Bait
Magic Bait

Stick!It is so easy to use. Just lower your treble hook into the jar or bucket of bait, push the treble hook down in the bait, remove slowly and trim extra off with a stick. (We use a 1/16 X 15 inch piece of aluminum bar. You can get a 4 ft piece at Lowes and cut several sticks.) No mess in your boat, stays on the hook when you cast, has a great scent that attracts fish immediately to your fishing spot!  A great catfish bait! We found that if you use a 1/4 - 1/2 oz. bullet worm weight and peg it with a toothpick about 6 - 10 inches above your treble hook, it will cast easily and you can adjust the weight depending on circumstances.

In the Spring of the year, both the blue catfish and the channel catfish move to the shallows to spawn. The shade of docks is a favorite place to spawn. Stick!It is great to cast up in the shade of the docks! Try It! You will Like It!

Map To Store In
 Willis, Texas

Stick!It...a new catfish “punch bait” that will change the way you fish for catfish! Vertical fish over chum, cast the docks, drift fish, fish from the bank in ponds or rivers. You are going to LOVE this bait.